Letter from Terry George: The Stories We Tell Are Important

August 3, 2017

It’s been 100 years since the Armenian Genocide, but we are still rescuing refugees out of the Mediterranean. Have circumstances really changed so little?

When we made “The Promise,” we understood that we had to do more than tell a story—we had to actively support human rights and make a difference that would be felt.

True stories are powerful. They remind us what we’re capable of—the good and the bad. But the best stories aren’t just true, they have a goal. They exist to have an impact. With your help, “The Promise” can have even more impact.

Gift “The Promise” to someone, and we’ll make a donation to a good cause:

As a filmmaker I’ve worked on projects, like “In the Name of the Father,” that are deeply personal. And in “Hotel Rwanda” and “The Promise,” I’ve been trusted to tell others’ stories of survival.

You always hope to connect with the audience and inspire them to make the world a little bit kinder. In the case of “The Promise,” we have a much more unusual circumstance. The film’s producers have been donating their profits to good causes, like genocide prevention and human rights. They’re putting their money where their hearts are.

I hope you will do the same. Please buy “The Promise” for a friend. Help preserve this record of the Armenian Genocide, and help fight for justice today:


Thank you!


Terry George | Writer & Director | The Promise