Siroun- A Virtual Reality Experience

Global Nomads Group developed the VR experience Siroun to enrich high school students’ opportunities to learn about this moment in history. The VR film may be especially useful in high school social studies or history course units on 20th century European history and the inception of World War I, and related topics such as the expansion and decline of empires, the rise of nationalism, and World War II and the Holocaust. Some teachers may find it useful in English Language Arts, literature or other humanities courses, especially those that explore themes such as conflict and peace, control and resistance, violence and nonviolence.

Siroun is a virtual reality experience designed to extend the central theme of feature film, The Promise. The VR film gives viewers an opportunity to immerse themselves in a rural Ottoman village at a critical moment in history, creating a foundation of empathy to consider the choices and experiences of everyday people caught at the crossroads of civil war and genocide.

Watch Siroun Here.

Pro Tip: On YouTube, click the ‘cardboard goggles’ icon to watch in any VR headsets.

Click here to access the Educator Guide for Siroun-A Virtual Reality Experience. The Educators Guide is recommended for grades 7-10.