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Injustice is only enabled by silence

Video shot and edited by Karbis Sarafyan
Share your story, the story of your family and friends, and how the Armenian Genocide has impacted your life. Whether you were directly affected or if you’re a passionate advocate, we want to hear from you. Together let’s promise to #NeverStaySilent.
  1. Record you story (smartphone videos are great)
  2. Upload it to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter
  3. Fill out the form below
  4. We’ll share the most impactful and passionate entries as part of The Promise #NeverStaySilent campaign
Here’s what to do:

1. I am Armenian

  • Goal: Share your story on camera about why this film/movement is meaningful to you and your family’s specific experience with the Armenian Genocide.
  • Open with “My name is _____. I am a proud Armenian. And I vow to keep the promise and never stay silent.”
  • Specific questions as prompts:
    • How was your family affected by the Armenian genocide?
    • What does being Armenian mean to you?
    • Why are you passionate about this project?
    • What do you hope comes from this campaign?
  • If you are comfortable, any photos, items of significance would be powerful to include.

2. I am not Armenian

  • Goal: How, despite not being Armenian, is the idea of acknowledging truth and showcasing atrocities relevant to you personally and to atrocities we face in the world today?
  • Open with “My name is ______, and I vow to keep the promise and never stay silent.”
  • Here are some pecific questions as prompts:
    • Why is this film and campaign meaningful to you as a non-Armenian?
    • What lessons can we learn from the Armenian Genocide?
    • Why are you passionate about this campaign?
    • How does the concept of silence still remain relevant today?
    • What injustice do you pledge to fight against?

    Terms: I have read the Terms and Agreement, and give permission to The Promise and all associated accounts to upload and share my content.